new mix up: snowstorm 01dec06

After a nearly two month hiatus, it’s time to get back to business. Kicking off December is “Snowstorm,” a mix to match the eight inches of snow accumulated outside over the last two days. This mix came together extremely fast once the tracks were picked out (the process took only 24 hours from concept to posting), and includes work by some of my favorite artists, namely Dousk, Guy J and Jaytech.

Snowstorm [December 2006 Promo]

Running Time: 1:14:50
File Size: 172 MB @ 320 kbps


1. Amberflame – Subzero (D-Pulse Remix) [Polyphonics]
2. Trentemoller – Physical Fraction [Poker Flat]
3. Guy J – Boxing Day [Proton]
4. Fedde Le Grande – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Claude VonStroke Remix) [CR2]
5. Miika Kuisma & Mr. A – Honey (U&K Remix) [Danceteria]
6. Elias Tzikas & D Pen – Frequency Loss [Deep]
7. Dousk – Florence (Dousk ‘Revisited’ Mix) [Klik]
8. V-Sag – Breathe [Behold]
9. Mercurio – X Cream (Chris Micali’s Sunset Mix) [Flow]
10. Dan Mangan & Danny Bonnici – Periwethel [EQ Grey]
11. Jaytech – Monkey Music [Red Seven]
12. Micah – Mnemosyne [Aurium]

proton set download 09feb07

After giving ample time for Proton Radio to host through their On Demand channel, I’m clear to put this up. The show (which featured a live on-air performance by the Baggage Handlers) drew quite a few people, and on the whole feedback has been pretty positive. For what the rest is worth, enjoy!

Live On Proton Radio 1.26.06

Running Time: 1:11:48
File Size: 164 MB @ 320 kbps


1. Sian – Apparition [Dirt Crew]
2. Chab – Five (Andrea Introvigne Zero 8 Remix) [Saw]
3. Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit (Tanner Ross Mix) [Dirtybird]
4. Somnus Corp – Real De Catorce (Chris Micali Remix) [Reversible]
5. Leroy Carroll – Uncommon Distractions [Metamotional]
6. Leama & Moor – Distance Between Us (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Primal]
7. DPP – Unforseen (Monocle Dub) [Bonzai]
8. Basto – Rock With You (NUfrequency Remix Instrumental) [Ultra]
9. Snake Sedrick – Find Me (Chris Nemmo Remix) [Tilth]
10. Iman – We R U (Brisker & Magitman Mix) [Method]
11. Nimrod – My Life (16 Bit Lolitas Vocal Mix) [Maelstrom]
12. Pryda – Frankfurt [Pryda]

new mix up: return to form 09jun07

As the title implies, it’s been about five months since my last mix and what better way to snap out of a funk than to drop what’s probably my favorite collection of tracks since X:Coast. At 6 in the morning with extension cables in tow, I hauled all my gear down to the dock by the lake behind the house, and recorded this all as the sun came up. The neighbors were not pleased, but Tiesto’s been looking for the bloody sunrise for nearly ten years, it’s high time someone help him find it.

Return To Form [June 2007 Promo]

Running Time: 1:09:11
File Size: 158 MB @ 320 kbps


1. Abakus – Rainbow Warrior [Solstice]
2. Roman Rai – On The Skyscraper [Tribal Vision]
3. Pole Folder – Bokoto 10PM (Pole Folder & CP Mix) [Hope]
4. Ikon – Signs (Jody Wisternoff Mix) [Jalapeno]
5. Matt Rowan & Jaytech – Holding On [Red Seven]
6. Island 9 – Moody (Chris Micali Mix) [Commonwealth]
7. Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay – Affectation (Dousk Dub Electro) [Restart]
8. 2 Bit Pie – Here I Come (Fluke Mix) [CDR]
9. Subsky – Placebo Effect [Looq]
10. Jay Lumen – Levitation [Curvve]
11. DPP – Amative Entanglement [Bonzai]